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James Shaughnessy Master of Sports Science, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), is currently completing his Doctorate at Oklahoma State University. He is a 28-year veteran USPTA coach of professional players, international coaches as well as NCAA team and individual champions.

Under James’s guidance SCiO 3D Sports utilizes data analysis of 3D kinematics and visuals comparing the emerging player’s technique to the SCiO 3D Library of the world’s top ranked ATP/WTA pros. SCiO 3D Sports quantitative analysis reveals technique flaws that cannot be measured by super slow motion video or the naked eye, including measurements of motion at every instant of the action.  Analysis is done during live competitive tournament play or on private court. The player’s action is never restricted in any way with wires or markers. Once the emerging player’s strokes are captured and digitized into 3D, a scheduled consultation with James Shaughnessy guides coaches and players through the 3D biomechanical analysis of the player’s swing and a prescription for technique adjustments and, if necessary, technique specific strength and conditioning exercises is made.

3D analysis from SCIO’s tennis scientists reveals information about a player’s game with quantities – not opinions. SCIO offers solutions, instead of speculations. Join the pros, NCAA champions, and elite juniors who achieve amazing results with this method.

SCiO is a Latin word meaning to know, understand.