Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can we compare my tennis game to?

    The world’s greatest pro players.
  • In what format do I get my 3D motion analysis?

    You can choose between:

    • Online Goto Meeting 3 hour consultation with Jim Shaughnessy.
    • Have your 3D models placed on YouTube and your results emailed in PDF form.
    • Or you may pay a production charge and get a DVD produced complete with menus, music, and HD 3D model comparisons.
  • How long will it take for me to get my finished 3D motion analysis?

    The price we pay for live action 3D analysis is time. It takes hours to process the stroke we are studying. Typically, SCiO can get your completed analysis done in 48-72 hours.
  • What's the difference between SCiO 3D Sports and video system such as Dartfish or slow-motion video?

    SCiO 3D Sports computerized biomechanical analysis gives you accurate quantification of your sports motion. Video systems cannot do that for motion that occurs in 3D. Tennis and baseball occur in 3D. SCiO’s system also generates an incredible 3D model to show and compare the athletes motion with other performers visually. Your motion model can be VIEWED FROM ANY ANGLE. SCiO can show multiple player models simultaneously.
  • What's the difference between SCiO 3D Sports and other 3D motion analysis companies?

    SCiO compares your model and quantified data to the world’s greatest players in live action. Other 3D systems work with markers in a controlled situation. The advantage of this is speedy, accurate data delivery. The disadvantage is you must be fitted and wear many markers and perform your motion in a laboratory court or pseudo-court. Because SCiO does not use markers, we are able to capture LIVE action in real tournaments to give the real results of a player’s actual performance.