Will Boe-Wiegard ATP Pro. 

3D Motion Analysis by SCiO 3D Sports May 2013.

scio3dsports.com is amazing! If you’re a tennis player looking to improve your game, you have to check this website out and seriously consider getting in touch with Jim! He has a PhD in biomechanics and specifically did his dissertation on tennis! He knows his s$&@! Plus, wouldn’t it be cool to see yourself in 3D HD slow motion?!

July 30, 2013

Took down the #715 in the world from Germany in the first round today in singles 7-5 6-3. Second round action coming in 10 hours.  Time for some sleep.  Good to be back on the red clay!! #dirtballin

July 22, 2013

Career point #16 in the bank with the first round win over ATP 1700 Lonardo Baldi 7-5 6-2 her on the synthetic grass courts at the $15,000 Future in Dublin, Ireland.

May 28,2013 Tarsus, Turkey

“I won my first round singles versus the 4th seed! He just made two finals of ITF Futures! Beat him 6-0 6-2!  Serve was ON! It’s so amazing this SCiO stuff!  We need to get all my shots analyzed ASAP!!!

May 27, 2013

“I used all the things you told me, and it was one of the best serving performances of my career. Not exaggerating.  I even won a practice set versus Marcel Illhan (top seed) 7-6 (4) in large part because he couldn’t return my serve half the time. I literally only lost 6 points on my serve the whole doubles match!!

I’m addicted to SCiO!

Feed me more info!!”

Tyler Harmon 2015, 2016 Oklahoma State Doubles Champion

July 19, 2013

SCiO 3D helped me visualize what I needed to do to optimize the small details of my shot.  It worked so well tha I did it a second time!  In the finals of the MVTA Futures , my opponent couldn’t make a return for my first four service games.

-Tyler Harmon,